This is my blog, where I will talk about different things that interest me. I live in Long Island, New York. I am generally laid back, and like to work on various things related to games. I compose music and do pixel art as well.
Here are the projects I have developed so far:

Here are the projects I have made graphics for:

Currently not accepting any new project requests.



  1. Very nice art! The chandellier was particularly impressive!

  2. Hey, I couldn’t find a contact page on your site anywhere. I was wondering if you would contribute art for an indie game, “Moldering”, my team and I are developing. It’s a 2D platformer focusing on exploration and atmosphere. Here is a link to our development blog:


    and here are some early preview screen shots


    If you’re interested shoot us an email at moldering@gmail.com

  3. Well, I got this comment out from the spam field, sorry for the delay. I have to check that more often, it was put there by mistake.

    I got to see one of the videos (one with the boxes but the gravity turned off). Pretty interesting looking so far!

    I can work on other peoples projects, but I tend to go for paid ones and I already have a few other than my own at the moment, so I will not do unpaid projects right now. Sorry :<

  4. say, do u hav buttons?(like 88×31 or similar size) id like to put this blog as affiliate 🙂 and i juz noticed the amelia favicon haha looks familiar XDD

    i didnt know u’re composing songs, do u compose all the music of your projects yourself?

  5. Yes, that’s your Amelia 😀

    Here’s a button I have so far, no text on it though. I’ll have to add that later.

    Also, yeah I do the music for my projects. Paradise Blue was actually a lot of older music, but usually I just make the songs when I’m near the end of the project or when I feel like doing one. I’m not a great composer but I’d at least like to try doing the stuff for my own game myself.

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